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A Beginners Guide to Selling Your Caravan Privately

Hi guys and welcome back and in today's video it's the first part of selling your Caravan privately, in collaboration and caravans of a sale. In this part I'm going to tell you a few little things about selling a caravan privately and it's the start of the series, so let's have a look at what you need to be wary of when selling your Caravan privately.


Where are you selling your caravan?


You need to look at where you're going to sell your Caravan. Now if you're going to sell your Caravan like us on your driveway that's absolutely fine, it's your property and there is no issue with that obviously unless it says you cannot have a caravan on your driveway and make sure that you have a look in your deeds. Here on grandma's driveway and a similar driveway we're allowed to have caravans on our driveways so that's absolutely fine.


So if you're selling your Caravan on your driveway like I just said earlier on like we are, you need to be really careful not to include any house numbers, names, any road names or anything that could give away where you possibly live as you’re not going to want to be giving that away because that isn't what you want to be doing. So make sure the photos look good but also that you cannot tell where you’re living.


If you're selling your Caravan in a storage shed you've got a few extra things to think about:


First thing on the list is you need to think about is does your storage owner allow selling caravans in their yard? More than often or not that's a no and that's purely an utterly because what happens is you don't want to let someone on your storage yard and then they can see all the different caravans in the yard as it's a private area and only the owners of the caravans should be allowed in there. So more often not you can have to take your Caravan off the storage yard and take it personally back to your house if you've got the room or maybe even, you might have to take it somewhere such as a car park but you don't want to be really selling your Caravan in the car park as as from a buyers point of view that doesn't look very good. Obviously usually you can take photos in your storage yard and actually that's quite good because storage ours look exactly the same 




Taking photos: Good quality ones are the best so using a good camera is always best, but when taking photos take a good variety of the shots, detailed shots of your Caravan and anything which is a optional extra such as the aircon, motor movers, put all those in, any optional extras like that. Also remember to do some good shots inside the caravans and some long shot showing the lengths for the caravan, some photos of the upholstery, if its got a double bed, maybe some of the kitchen, the bathroom and then just some outside shots, maybe there might be a ding or dent on the side, take a photo of that just to illustrate to tell the buyer




When you are getting somebody to come to look at the caravan, you will need to make sure that you are happy with the person and showing them around the caravan, it’s very important to show them all the aspects of the caravan, but we'll be going into that in a further detail in a further video about showing somebody around the caravan, that'll be in a few parts time 


‘Tyre Kickers’


Now the last thing we're gonna be talking about is about tire kickers, now a tire kicker that they are not very good because you might have a conversation go like this:


Seller: “Oh hello there I heard that you're interested in my Caravan”


Buyer: “Yeah so thanks for showing me around the caravan”


Seller: “The price is £9000” 


Buyer: “I was thinking around the four a half thousand pound mark for buying your Caravan”


Seller: “So I don't think I could accept five thousand, that's a bit that's a bit low for me” 


Buyer: “Oh well because that's all I've really got you know and some people take lower so I thought I just asked you you know really” 


Seller:“The caravan is nine thousand, i’ll be able to take a small percentage off that, but not much I'm sorry about that” 


Buyer: “Yeah thanks for your time mate anyway and yes cheers” 


So yeah dealing with tire kickers, you don't want me having a conversation like that so if they do come just tell them to politely go away. 


This series is going to be in collaboration with caravans for sale which is where this Caravan is going to be for sale on and we're going to be looking at all the different things you need to know, like a beginner's guide to selling your Caravan privately. So as I say this is the first episode and the next episodes will be out in a week's time so thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next part.


In the next episode of beginner's guide to tell your Caravan privately, I talk about how to write a description, how to choose the correct photos and pricing so I'll see you in the next episode at 6am next Monday.

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Published on 13-01-2020
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