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Interview with RooDog at The Caravan and Motorhome Show

The world of electric vehicles is becoming more and more prevalent in modern society, with ebikes being a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to car travel when it comes to navigating city life. RooDog, one of the leading ebike manufacturers, showed us their exciting range of products.


Q: Hi, Scott! How are you mate?


A: Hi! Nice to see you.


Q: Nice to see you too. How are you enjoying the NEC?


A: It’s fantastic. Lots of our customers are here that we’re hoping to show off our products to and see how things go.


Q: It's always a good time seeing lots of people that we get to speak to throughout the year and put some names to faces. So, I want to ask you a couple of questions about the bikes. Firstly, what's the best seller for you guys? Is there one product that routinely sells the most?


A: The best seller for us is the one that the customer down there is looking at (Chic). So, this bike is really popular because it's quite small and compact so it fits a lot of riders, has a nice low step through. It does everything it says on the tin. It’s very easy to get on, controls are nice and easy to use, and we do it in a range of colours.



Q: It's beautiful as well. It's got a slight vintage look to it. It's got the back bars and everything.


A: it's a bit like a classic Dutch style bike. So, nice comfortable ride position, seven speed gears, five levels of assist, brilliant integrated lights, and a nice little step through which people seem to like.


Q: I think people have a misconception about your bikes especcially, that they're gonna be really heavy and bulky. I think that, for a lot of people, that might put them off buying an electric bike in general, but I mean this can't be more than 25 kilos.


A: It's actually 22 kilos with the battery included, so when the battery's off it’s only 19 kilos.


Q: Would you say that's the one you're looking for people to know about the most at the minute or is there something else?


A: We've actually got a new product out. This is our upgrade on what we originally had, which was our mountain bike range. So, we’ve got the step through and the crossbar, or male and female, or unisex, however you want to interpret it. A nice integrated battery in the frame. It’s built for more rugged terrain. So for the price especially that's going to last for a few years. We're really proud of that. It's very good and quite new out, so we’ve got new few new developments heading this year.



Q: I'm sure the people watching this video and the CaravansForSale audience in general are going to love to see that. Last question. Have you seen anything else that any see you liked? I've been around and I've seen the fudge shops, I've seen the whiskey shops. What have you seen?


A: What I quite like, over in hall 5, they've got to set up for paddle boards for the kids to use. That's really good!


Q: Fantastic! Thank you so much for taking the time.


Speaking to RooDog made a nice change from talking about all things caravan related, with RooDog having some really exciting new develpoments and beautifully engineered bikes. We wish them all the best and hopefully our paths will cross again.