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Insuring your caravan ready for spring
Insuring your caravan ready for spring
The flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer, and, sometimes, the sun is shining. What better time to get in to your car and hook on the caravan or start up your motorhome and take to the road to find a perfect spot to relax. However, before you do that you should make sure you have the appropriate insurance in place. The cover you need for a motorhome is very different to that needed for a caravan. Whilst caravan insurance is not a requirement when your caravan is being towed by an insured vehicle, it is advisable. Yes, your caravan
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Top 5 craziest towing vehicles
Top 5 craziest towing vehicles
    The thought of a towing vehicle usually conjures up images of heavy and practical vehicles,  generally a 4x4 or similar. A few outliers have decided to buck the trend by hitching up to cars which were intended for a different life.     Lamborghini Gallardo     A Canadian marketing company decided to take an innovative approach to advertising a new home improvement show by hitching a trailer to the back of a Lamborghini Gallardo and driving through the streets of Montreal. The stunt reportedly worked and managed to generate a lot of buzz in the Canadian city.     Mitsubishi Evo 7     The popular motoring show, Top Gear,
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Managing your dealer dashboard and profile

Here is a video guide for caravan and motorhome dealers. Watch this video to see how you can manage your dashboard and profile. 

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