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Caravan Nose Weights
Caravan Nose Weights
What is a nose weight? A nose weight is what causes the downward force of your caravan’s coupling head on your car’s tow ball. The downward force of this particular area decreases as you pick up more speed, which is why it is really important to have a good nose weight when your outfit is stationary. Whats The Ideal Nose Weight? Your ideal nose weight all depends on your cars manufacturer and the type of caravan you have. Generally, for safety reasons and complete towing stability, your nose weight should be 5-7% of your caravan’s actual weight.  You will be able to find
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The World’s First Convertible Motorhome
The World’s First Convertible Motorhome
Ever fancied sleeping in the comfort of your own motorhome but with the added bonus of being under the stars? Well, now you can. The new motorhome makers, Sky Dancer, have designed something very unique by mixing two things that you would expect to see together, convertibles and motorhomes. The revealed their new Apero at Germanys CMT show. The motorhome is the first convertible type in the world. Drivers can even keep the top down whilst on the roads. The Apero has been designed with two floors. The lower level contains the living area and the upper level is the driver's cockpit. The roof
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Managing your dealer dashboard and profile

Here is a video guide for caravan and motorhome dealers. Watch this video to see how you can manage your dashboard and profile. 

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