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Caravan Prices Set to Rise in 2022 - What to Expect

Caravan Prices Set to Rise in 2022 - What to Expect

As the cost of living continues to rise, caravan prices are expected to follow suit. From the surge in demand brought on by staycations in the UK and lack of overall supply, the average caravan price is set to increase quite dramatically in 2022.


Here is what you can expect in 2022 when it comes to the cost of caravans:

After many outlets predicting the fall in price of caravans this year, the experts at The Caravan Place state costs have gone "completely the other way". In particular, buyers looking for touring caravans will see an increase in price. In January alone, the average touring caravan price went up on average £500-700, and is not set to decrease anytime soon.

Additionally, the experts at The Caravan Place have said there would not be a “huge amount” of new caravans produced this year - this may be due to the difficulty many manufacturers have faced due to both the COVID 19 pandemic and Brexit.

With these material sourcing difficulties, many companies have had to increase new 2022 caravan prices, with some models increasing by £15,000 in certain situations.

The Caravan Place state popular models such as the Swift Escape has gone up around £10,000 for 2022, which is a huge increase from it's 2021 predecessor.

Some Baileys, Eribas and other models have also gone up approximately £6,000 per unit for 2022.


So what does this mean for the caravan industry as a whole and, more importantly, for those of us looking to purchase one?

In short:

Buyers should consider purchasing a caravan sooner rather than later this year - browse touring caravans here.

Caravan owners who are considering selling their caravans might be in for a nice cash boost this year - sell your caravan right here.

What do you think of this news of caravan prices increasing? Will you be buying or selling in 2022? Let us know! 

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Linzi Oliver
Digital Marketing Executive
Published on 20-01-2022
Linzi is the digital marketing executive for Caravans for Sale - the UK's #1 marketplace for buying and selling caravans (and more!).