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5 Things You Need to Know About Mink Caravans - As Seen on BBC's Top Gear

After debuting on BBC’s Top Gear last week, everyone has been talking about the unique teardrop camper, the Mink Caravan 2.0. 

So here we are to round up the top five things you need to know about these eccentric small touring caravans:

1. Mink Caravans are exceptionally lightweight

At just 490 kg, this camper is incredibly light - with the average caravan weighing between 800kg and 1300kg! This light weight perhaps makes Mink Caravans an easier option to tow, manoeuver and store.


2. These campers are made from pure Nordic innovation

Combining minimalism and functionality, Mink Caravan’s Nordic design offers a super-stylish solution for simple living. This teardrop caravan came about as a collaboration between the Icelandic company and Swedish innovators, Jordi Hans Design.

The Mink Caravan's Nordic styling.


3. They’re small on the outside, spacious on the inside

Though the Mink Caravan seems like a tiny space, the camper packs in a luxury queen-sized mattress perfect for both stargazing and a good night’s sleep. In addition, a canvas bunk bed suitable for a young child is included - though this can be turned into additional storage for those heavy packers!


4. Mink Caravans allow you to be surrounded by nature, at all times

Featuring a large panoramic skylight and round windows on both sides, plenty of light enters this teardrop caravan - allowing it’s owners to be surrounded by nature at all times, whilst in pure comfort.


Panoramic skylight, perfect for those star-gazing nights.

5. The Mink Caravan's price is quite reasonable compared to other premium teardrop caravans

Though buyers are paying for the unique and impressive features of the Mink Caravan, their price is relatively reasonable compared to other premium teardrop caravans such as the Hero Ranger (£26,000+). Mink Caravans retail from £16,545 (excluding works delivery and on-the-road charges).


Overall, these Mink Caravans sound like a dream tiny camper! We can’t wait to see more of these unique caravans on the road and in campsites in 2022. Do you think these smaller campers will become more popular in the upcoming years? Let us know in the comments below!

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Linzi Oliver
Digital Marketing Executive
Published on 03-12-2021
Linzi is the digital marketing executive for Caravans for Sale - the UK's #1 marketplace for buying and selling caravans (and more!).