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Top Van to Motorhome Conversions

Have you ever considered turning a van into a motorhome? It's good to have an idea of what you want beforehand to ensure you’re getting the right materials and sizing everything up properly. In order to give you a head start, or if you just appreciate an aesthetic and clever conversion, here are the most impressive van to motorhome conversions and what it is that they’ve done to catch our eye! 

Sprinter Van Conversion - Overlanding Sophia


Youtubers Chesca and Ben share their time lapse of renovating a Sprinter van into a home on wheels in just 6 months. They've documented the process from adding insulation panels to the last final decorative touches to make it their own. Let's take a dive into some of the clever tricks they applied to get this motorhome on the road.

Cleaning and rust removal

Sprinter vans specifically tend to rust quite quickly so it's important to nip it in the bud as soon as you come across it, as it will only get worse. In Chesca and Ben’s instance, this was when they purchased the van. 
To remove rust you want to sand down the area where you’ve found it with some sand paper or an abrasive wheel. With the tool you want to cut through the paint corrosion until you can see clean metal. Try to sand just an inch or two around your area of rust to make sure there isn't any that you've missed underneath the vans paint work. Once you’re presented with rustless, bright metal, you want to apply a primer. This can then be followed by paint and a clear coat. Finally, simply blend the finishes. 

Installing a reversing camera

This may not be an instant necessity that pops to mind when planning a van conversion, however, it's a great trick to consider. It can be easily done and will make all the difference. You also have the option of a bluetooth camera that could connect to a smartphone if you’re unable to link a camera up to a screen in the front of the van

Installing a wifi unit

Though some may see a road trip as a getaway, and therefore not see the need in having the internet, others love to document their adventures on social media, or google the next best stop near by them. By installing a wifi unit, there's no need to stop off at a cafe with ‘Free WiFi’, you’ll have it in the comfort of your own van. 
You could do this by purchasing a hotspot USB with a data allowance to sit in the front of the vehicle, or have it placed on your rooftop with an antenna or small box. 

Van to Off-Grid Camper - Nate Murphy

Nate Murphy knows his stuff when it comes to van conversions. This guy was able to convert a van to an off-grid camper in just 17 days! He too shares his process in a YouTube video to help and inspire others with a desire to convert a van. So what stand out tactics did he use to get such a great result?

Adding conduits

One of Nate’s first steps was attaching conduits to the ceiling of his van to organise wires for electrics. This is a good trick to apply early days when converting a van as wires can become a pain to organise later on in the process once you start insulating and adding furniture. 

Adjustable solar panels

Most know that solar panels are the way to go when deciding how to provide yourself with energy on the road. However, Nate makes the clever advancement of a solar panel that can be moved around on his roof. He hinges one large solar panel, only on one side, allowing him to be able to move it around in the winter where it might prove more difficult to get a decent amount of light. 

Slidable Blackout Window

This asset is something we found really cool. Where Nate has installed the window between the front seats of the van and the actual living area, he has made it possible to slide up a piece of artwork over the window space. This works really well for when you’re not driving. Not only does it improve the aesthetic of the inside of the van, but it also adds a sense of privacy as it stops people from seeing into the living area from the vans windscreen. 

Ford Transit Campervan Conversion - Exploring Alternatives

Mat and Danielle are a couple that have a youtube channel dedicated to informing and inspiring people on alternative living. In a recent video they document their start to finish journey of converting a second hand Ford Transit into a beautiful camper van. 

Build furniture around your items

These guys made the great point of building furniture from scratch to fit what you already have ready for your van. It saves space, money, and time trying to find furniture that's the right dimensions for your storage items. For example, the pre bought their fridge and solar generator, knowing they wanted them in the same unit, and then went on to design and build a unit that was snug to the size of both items, as well as not taking up too much of the vans space. 

Outside door for water refill

This is a trick that most would miss, but having a small outer door on your van to move the water jugs as little as possible is a great idea. They installed the door in a furniture unit with the sink and water jugs in, which sits behind the sliding door once it's closed, so you wouldn't have to worry about anyone being able to access it when you’re not around. This is one little change that can make an every day chore easier!


One of the final touches to this van was a sweet art piece of a whale, surrounded by flowers, on the back doors which had been illustrated by Mat. It made the van look homely, and their own. And you can bet that you won't find another van the same as theirs, especially when they've designed and hand crafted all their furniture themselves. 

Conversion On A Budget - FLORB

Our next conversion is from Micheal and Stephanie who take a GMC Vandura and turn it into something spectacular. The couple worked off of a fair budget and in all ended up spending around £6,000 on the van itself, and all its work, materials, and everything inside it. Pretty impressive!

Allow space for making changes along the road

These guys thought way ahead and didn't panel the whole van. From first look, you can't tell that half of each wall has not been paneled, however, behind the furniture is just the insulation. They decided to keep it like this so that if they ever have issues with wires or if something needs replacing, they won't have to remove and re apply panelling in the future. 

A cooler is cooler!

These guys didn't splash out on a fridge, they've simply got a coolbox in the van. Though this might not seem as luxurious as some of the other vans, it certainly is affordable and convenient. If you have issues with it, you don't have to worry about removing it from furniture or storage, or getting it reinstalled. 

Sky light

Something as simple as a sky light can be so effective to the feel of your van. I'm sure that staring up at the stars whilst you're in bed never gets old! These are [pretty easy to install, you can follow the same process as you would when installing a window, Just make sure you’re using the right materials!

Sprinter to Campervan in 30 days - The Wandering Wagners

Next up, Canadian couple Kristyn and Joe share their campervan creation they made for their travels in Australia. They too take a Sprinter van and make it their own in 30 days, finishing with their “tiny home on wheels”. So what did they do that impressed us?


These guys sure did save money or materials and furniture. They took old furniture and used the wood to make new bits and bobs to go into the van. Not only is the beneficial for your bank, but it's also quite refreshing to take a bit of your old home and incorporate it into a new one! If you don't have anything lying around the house that you’re wanting to turn into something new, second hand furniture from marketplace sites is always a great shout!

Storage everywhere

In such a small place its important to try and store stuff wherever you can without cluttering your van. And the Wandering Wagners knew exactly what they were doing. The back of their sofa opened up to a storage space, as well as them having built in cupboards and units.

Sliding slacks

From first glance, it looks like there's no bed in this van. However, the sofa has slotted in slacks that slides out into the perfect sized double bed. This allows more space in the daytime when moving around the van, a nice comfy seating area, and a decent, sturdy bed at night.

Bus to a Beauty - Kinging- It

Craig and Amy are a couple from South Wales who have a YouTube channel for their travels and the fun they have along the way. The couple invested in an old tired bus that later on became a beautiful home named Custard! Let's take a look at some of the cool things they did to make Custard perfect for them.


A simple trick that some might sweep past, putting latches on your cupboards doors. This couple explains the inconvenience of turning a corner and everything falling out the cupboards, so latches are a must!

Speakers in the ceiling 

This feature was definitely worth a mention! Craig and Amy made the clever choice of installing speakers into the ceiling of the bus. This meant they could connect it up to the radio in the front, or their laptop when they wanted to watch a movie at night. A simple thing to set up that makes all the difference.

Placing the vent above the bed. 

We can only imagine how hot it must get in those converted vehicles in the summer, especially when it comes to hitting the hay. These guys installed their vent above their bed to give them the most beneficial sleeping experience, and keep cool on a boiling august evening. 

British Gas Van to the Perfect Family Camper - Quirky Campers

The Quirky Campers share their camper, a British Gas Van that has been converted into a 4 bed dream home on wheels that sleeps 6! Meet Baloo and what we think is it's mentionable qualities:

Spinnable seating

These guys have come up with a genius idea and made it so that the two front seats of the van spin around to join the sofa and living space area. This gives those chairs multiple uses, and can come in quite handy when travelling with younger children who need motoring closely.  A new take on the classic, “I will turn this chair around!”.

More windows make it feel more spacious 

Baloo is a big van, but it looks even more spacious inside due to their being plenty of windows installed. It really opens up the inside of the van and brings lots of natural light in, which in the long run will save you some money!

Outside shower

As mentioned throughout their video tour, Baloo is a family camper. So they've decided to attach an outside shower to the back of the van. This is great for cleaning off the kids when they get a bit mucky or even if you’re travelling with a dog who needs a quick bath!

Volkswagen T5 Off-Grid Van Conversion

Francesco and Vanessa have renovated a Volkswagen T5 into their adorable house n the road, named Hiro. In a walkthrough video on Nate Murphy’s channel, they show us some great qualities of the van and what makes it feel like home to them.

Pullout table

A few of our mentioned vans have used this technique, but its most definitely worth mentioning in case you haven't considered it before. Something as simple as a pullout table can prove to be so much more convenient than another piece of furniture to fill a small space! It can be done in multiple ways, a kitchen side that folds out, a draw that pulls out. It's doable in so many ways with different materials and pieces of furniture.

Pull down bed

A sprinter is the perfect vehicle for an overhead bed. With the high ceiling, you've got space to install a pull down bed, and be able to move around without having to duck too much!
So thats it! Our top van to motorhome conversions, and how they made it their own. If this has inspired you to convert a van of your own, make sure to tag us in pictures on Facebook or tweet us at @CaravanSelecta, we'd love to see how it turns out!
Alice-Rose Lawrence
Marketing Executive
Published on 13-07-2020