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Interview with Ventura Campervans at The Caravan and Motorhome Show

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting up with our pals at Ventura, at the Caravan and Motorhome Show at the NEC in Birmingham. They showed us round their newest product; the VR400, after sitting down for quick chat.


Q: So Dave, what does this year hold for Ventura?


A: So it's all about the VR400, which is selling at the moment. It's a new model that was launched for the October show. Really exciting. Good interest on it. Lots of orders coming through.



We've got a few new models that are gonna come out on this as well. We’ve got a trek version, which is gonna have the off road style. So spotlights on it with bars, that sort of thing. Off road style wheels and tires but hopefully we'll have that on display for the October show.


Q: It's beautiful in here. The thing I'm struck by most is just the amount of space it seems to have. Is that something you guys keep in mind when you're designing?


A: Yes. So, look at the living space you’ve got here. This bed is on rails as well. So, you can move the bed right forwards. This gives you a massive boot for your camping gear and bikes, and if you’re travelling up with your kids, it’s much easier to keep them under control!


Q: What other exciting products have Ventura got coming out this year?


A: Obviously this is the flagship, so this really is what we're focusing on this year. We've got our T6s ready to go, so we've got quite a few of those in stock, which we are happy to say that they're ready to actually sell straight away, but this is our main focus (VR400).


Q: What was last year’s bestseller?


A: So, the T6 to start with. We had problems with L1 supply last year for the VR200. We've got a few of those in stock as well. We got two of those, and then from October really the focus was on this (VR400).


Q: This is obviously such an incredible show and so important for the industry. Have you seen anything else that's excited you? Have you had a little nose around the stalls?


A: I like some of the sprinters. There’s a nice 4 by 4 sprinter but, very very expensive. A couple of the crafters are looking really really nice so, maybe that's the route we would look at in the future but, really at the moment we are focusing on this (VR400).


Q: Brilliant! Well David, thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us today. Hope you enjoy the show.


A: Thank you.


We’re looking forward to returning to the NEC in October and seeing how Ventura how are getting on, and hopefully having another sit down too!