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The new electric mini RV: Peugeot e-Rifter Vanderer

The Vanderer Urban Camper may have been one of the coolest mini-campers in 2021, but wait until you hear about its new features: it's going fully electric. This van can now serve as an everyday driver for up to seven passengers before morphing into a camper that sleeps four people.
The shift to electric vans is happening quickly. In January, Stellantis announced that its compact and midsize European passenger van lines would be going all-electric. With no gas or diesel options left on the market for them in their respective markets - France, Germany & Britain. With a dwindling number of ICE models left available as well it's only logical camper makers also follow suit by producing vehicles that can accommodate these types too; making sure there'll always be an option when booking your next camping trip!
Though the e-Rifter Vanderer package is currently available directly from Vanderer, Peugeot announced this week that they will be making their newest electric camper van available for purchase soon. This follows closely on the heels of announcing some minor updates to its smallest vehicle which makes it seem like an intriguing early preview into what's possible in City Friendly Zero Emissions MPVs in the future!
The Peugeot eRifter is a Campervan for the future, with its 50kWh battery and 134hp electric motor. It has an estimated range of up to 170 miles (274 km) which makes it similar in distance to other new models from brands like Nissan or VW that have been released recently - but don't worry about being left behind! 
The 187-inch tall rooftop adds 19 EPA-rated sleeping spaces, and the interior can be customized to accommodate a family of six or more people. You can even get an optional child safety seat that's integrated into the bench!
The Rifter's 50-kWh battery charges to 80% in just 30 minutes at a 100 kW public fast charger, making it fairly low hassle and quick when you need your batteries recharged. When scaling things back further with an 11 kW wall box, however; the full charge takes 5 hours and 30 minutes.
The new model features an indoor kitchen and outdoor dining area that can be easily withdrawn into or pulled out from its tailgate slot for maximum convenience when you're on the go!


Imagine preparing dinner while simultaneously washing dishes inside-it's just one more reason why this van suits any lifestyle perfectly well at home OR traveling abroad.

Not only does it come with a fully modular design that can be easily pulled apart or put back together by two people without any tools needed; but its short size and 6'2" height also makes for easy parking in tight European city centers like Paris!
The e-Rifter is currently available for order in Europe, with deliveries expected to start this summer. It's unclear if or when the e-Rifter will be coming to the United States. 
Want to learn more? Check out the video below.