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Tabbert Da Vinci 380 TD Caravan

Here We Tow take a look arround the Tabbert Da Vinci 280 TD Caravan. This small caravan may only be 6 meters in length but the use of space and quality is very impressive!
Here we have the Tabbert Da Vinci 380. This Caravan is amazingly well put together considering it is only six meters in length and when we go inside you'll see what I mean. It's on the Alko chassis, at the front we've got no front window which is quite common on the European brands, we've got to grab handles and we've got a large sweeping front, looks a lot like a stormtrooper. On the off side you see the decals, they're red, black and silver, we've got illuminated strips which are fairly funky and this is the finest edition. We can see we've got a toilet cassette here at the front, we then have a television point and the electric. This caravan as I say very short and compact at only six meters so it is on a single axle with an alloy wheel and we have the entrance door to the rear of the caravan. It's a stable door with a bin and a window and there's an awning light above. 
We’ll come round the back and have a look at the back and here we see we have the Tabbert badge, a window, grab handle and a nice light cluster at the back. There's also the vent for a domestic fridge so that gives away where the position of that is. 
We'll venture inside and have a closer look as we come in you'll see there is a flyscreen fitted and at the back of the caravan is where we're going to find the kitchen, there's the domestic fridge at the back, we've got standard on the European van a three gas burner hob, a sink, shelving and some storage above. As we look further on to the near side of the caravan, this is where I'm going to find a nice little compact lounge for two people, got two small seats there and a good sized table, got the nets all around, more storage above and then as we come round we see how cleverly put together this van is because in something this size we've also got a really good size fixed bed, that's on the nearside wall. It's certainly going to be long enough for an adult of around six foot two quite easily. Storage space, lots of cupboards all around and we've got a wall-mounted wardrobe here. As we come further round again we'll see we're going to have in here the toilet as we knew from the cassette and we have got here the wash basin opposite the bed, we've got shelving above with mirror and down below there's some cabinet space as well. This Tabbert also has a blind in the middle which will separate the bedroom from the front part on an evening. 
We'll open the door into the toilet and shower room we've got in here the toilet down there, that's a Thetford toilet and we've got a shower curtain and shower. The shower head is fixed up here up on the ceiling and it's operated down at the side there. So again we've got everything we need, we've got a toilet, we've got a shower, we've got a wash basin and we've got storage and a fantastic fixed bed. We've got some further storage here as well near to the front door, we've got a wardrobe, good size, that's where we find our fuses and if you're worried about keeping warm this Caravan has air blown central heating and it's also got a gas fire as well. 
So there we go we've got absolutely loads of equipment in this Tabbert, but how much is it we want to know? The tablet DaVinci 380 TD on the finest edition at 6 meters in length comes in at €24,000, although I suspect at the moment we do have a show-off a price at €20,670. So there we go that's the Tabbert DaVinci 380, really good looking little bomb

Here We Tow
Published on 26-09-2019
Meet Jules, Karen and their dog Fudge. They are keen holidaymakers who love to test their new skills and equipment they've picked up along the way! Their YouTube channel was created in December 2017 and have years of knowledge in the caravan industry. They're now spreading the word about all of the new and old equipment/technology which is now making caravanning and motor homing the home from home everyone is looking for. Tune in and watch as they test all the kit they they have to bring you along with honest reviews of what does and doesn't work!