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Dethleffs Pulse GT | A Class Motorhome

Take a look at this Dethleffs Pulse GT A Class Motorhome. This has 4 berths and starts at €89,000. This review is by Here We Tow at the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf 2019
Here we have the 2020 Dethleffs pulse GT, this is the 705 one which has a queen double at the back, you see it's on the Fiat chassis, it's three and a half ton this version, got the large A-class window, some black decals, alloy wheels and as we go down the side we'll see the silver pulse GT decals for this model. We've got the sliding windows on the cab, the door here on the offside for the European market, we've got the fridge and freezer vents and the electric point as well which for some people they don't always want that where they're going to be sitting in there awning. We've got a window above the bed and under there we find the garage, it's a good sized garage, plenty of room in there and a large opening door, we've got the single axle as we can see. This motorhome is about three meters in height, got the deathless pulse GT decals at the back. It's a nice rear end, can’t particularly see down the near side unfortunately today but we have got a further garage entry point and some storage and utility boxes on the side.  
So let's venture inside and have a look, the length of the pulse is around 7.4 meters and this one the list price to start is just under €69,000, this particular model that were looking at today has extras taking it up to €85,000. As we go in through the door, fairly good size of the floor here, we've got the captains chairs round to our right, this one's a manual although I'm quite sure standard on the Fiats you'll be able to upgrade engine brake horsepower and also to an automatic gearbox. We've got fabric upholstery, we've got a drop-down bed here up above the cab, two captains chairs, a table and then we've got a sofa this side and as we step in we see we've also got a sofa at this side as well, so plenty of nice space here to sit and relax. This one's got the carpets laid down which give a nice feel, we've got some storage above as well and the Dethleffs dials, I do like these retro style dials above the door showing your voltage and the various controls at the caravan, your water tank levels etc and the controller for the Trumer as well. On this one we've got a television fixed here in the television point for us, the light switches and some storage underneath we're also going to find here on this side the Thetford tower fridge and freezer, this I think will be the 147 litre one so good size, as we can see there are lots of various compartments and shelves so if you are touring for some time you're certainly going to get a week's worth of shopping there. If we  come round to the near side of this a-class motorhome we find here a window overlooking the kitchen area. 
We have the sink and then we've also got the gas burners there and underneath we've got plenty of storage as well, it's worth noting that many of the European vehicles don't have ovens fitted but we do have those at home in the UK so don't be concerned about that, these are European specification here. The ceiling has this lovely stone effect panel leading to a couple of skylights letting plenty of light in and at the rear we see the large fixed island beds that we all want to have a look at, the air blown heating, plenty events around the motorhome, we come in here where we find a center washroom which we'll have a look at, we've got a door here which is going to be on the near side of the motorhome and then over to the off side we find an enclosed shower cubicle which again we will have a look at, but it's got nice doors there, now i'll just open that up, so we pull open. The shower it's really well illuminated, these fantastic LED lights good size, it's got a shelf there for shower gels and shampoos, very impressive floor space for a shower they're absolutely huge, so excellent shower and on the other side is where we'll find the toilets and washroom. We've got plenty of storage, we have towel hooks and we come down to a Therford toilet, nice shelving unit, we've got air blown in here, toothbrush holder and a soap dish holder absolutely amazing that and a mirror. So that although it's compact I would say it's going to be more than adequate for at least two people and certainly for four if you want to use the maximum berths. 
So in the bedroom at the rear of the a-class on the Dethleffs pulse GT we have a wardrobe at either side and that comes down to a point where we can have a cup of tea, plenty of floor space for walking around the bed, we've got the large bed itself which is absolutely huge, a headboard and there's lights above the bed there's also some storage although i'm not entirely always sure how you get into these to use them practically when you’re quite small, but the bed, absolutely huge, certainly won't have an issue there and on the same side again we have floor space here. To step up you've got another shelf and other bit of wardrobe space there and because we don't have alde wet here we don't lose any storage space with the tank. So then if we look back down into the front of the Dethleffs Pulse GT, we have a big sunroof, that wind down double bed for more people, the captain's chairs and the seating area and there's a good amount of floorspace ni this motorhome. 
So there we go, we’ll just ventrue back out for the all important facts and figures, as I said this motorhome shown here today is €85,000, we’ve got a payload of 454 kilos, so that's very generous and a total mass of 3.5 tonnes, 7.4 meters long, 3 meters high and 2.33m wide and it will safely take 4 people. 
So there we have it the Dethleffs Pulse GT, a very good value A-Class motorhome for up to four people. 

Here We Tow
Published on 19-09-2019
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