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Urgent Safety Notice for Caravan Owners: Check Your Gas Hob Now

As a caravan owner, you know how important it is to maintain your home on wheels to ensure safe and enjoyable travels. However, recent incidents have raised significant concerns about the safety of gas hobs in caravans, leisure homes, and motorhomes. In light of this, the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) has urged every owner of a gas hob to diligently check its safety status. This blog post will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about the corrective actions to ensure that your gas hob is safe.


The OPSS investigation has revealed that nine UK gas hob manufacturers have committed to a corrective action program to ensure the safety of specific gas hob models that have raised safety concerns. The critical safety issue pinpointed by the investigation was faulty elbow joints used to connect particular gas hob models to the gas supply. This posed a severe risk of poisoning, burns, gas explosions, and fires. The urgency of this action stems from a series of incidents, notably an explosion at a caravan park in April 2023, resulting in severe burn injuries.


List of affected gas hob manufacturers:


  • Apelson Appliances UK Ltd
  • Buy It Direct Ltd, 
  • Glen Dimplex Home Appliances
  • Kingfisher International Products Ltd 
  • Lancaster Holdings Ltd
  • Maurice Lay Distributors Ltd
  • Product Care Trading Ltd
  • Stax Trade Centres Ltd
  • The Wright Buy Ltd


The affected brands and models can be found on the respective company websites. These companies will dispatch technicians to visit every affected household and make the necessary modifications to ensure the safety of your gas hob. Therefore, you must make sure to follow up on this corrective action program as soon as possible to ensure that your caravan is safe. It is vital to note that continuing to use an affected appliance can result in severe injuries, damage to property, and even death.


Caravan, leisure home, and motorhome owners should also understand why gas hob safety is more significant in caravans than in the home. The confined space of a caravan or vehicle means that gas appliances, such as hobs, present a higher risk of a gas buildup leading to an explosion or fire. Therefore, regular maintenance and safety inspections of gas appliances are critical for your safety and the safety of other passengers.


In the meantime, if you own an affected appliance using LPG, disconnect it from the LPG cylinder immediately and seek repair services from the respective manufacturer. If you have any questions or advice regarding the safety of your caravan hob, contact the manufacturer or the OPSS for guidance.


As a caravan owner, it is essential to stay informed on matters concerning your safety on the road. The OPSS's recent corrective action program aimed at gas hob safety is a vital concern that every caravan owner must take seriously. It is a straightforward process of checking the manufacturer's website and following the outlined procedures. This will ensure your appliance's safety and give you peace of mind on your travels. Stay safe and happy travels from Caravans For Sale.


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