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UK Staycations | The Best Dog Friendly Holiday Destinations

Trying to find the perfect getaway for you and your four-legged companion? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best dog walking getaways in and around the United Kingdom, each with a variety of things to see and do, so rest assured that you and your pooch will leave with memories to last a lifetime! 


Devon has plenty to offer and easily caters to all types of visitors - whether you’re a thrill seeker or a chill seeker. From the opportunity to enjoy a dreamy spa getaway, to watching or partaking in some exciting watersport or theme park entertainment. But in this case - most importantly you can’t ignore the breathtaking views and scenery that come with hiking the South West coastal path, one of the best loved national trails in the United Kingdom. 
This is the longest national trail in the UK, stretching 630 miles, running from Minehead in Somerset, along the coasts of Devon and Cornwall, to Poole Harbour in Dorset. A wonderful chance to connect with nature, away from the stresses of the world. The perfect opportunity to soak up the sights, engage in some fun exercise, and allow your four-legged friend to explore and run to their heart's content!
Asides from the many scenic walks waiting to be discovered and enjoyed in Devon, many of the attractions available to visit in County, such as The Donkey Sanctuary and The Miniature Pony centre as well as Castle’s Drogo and Powderham will allow you to bring your four-legged friend along with you to enjoy the fun and learn more about the history of the county.

South London 

London offers a variety of beautiful green spaces for both you and your pup to enjoy, and even has some dedicated walking trails that allow you to pass by some of the iconic areas of the city one after the other, enjoyable even for those who are familiar with the city and its boroughs. One such walk is the ‘Green Chain Walk’.
The Green Chain Walk is a long distance on foot journey, stretching over 50 miles and split into 11 sections, connecting some of the most beautiful spaces that the city of London has to offer. Throughout the walk, you will encounter a number of peaceful woodland areas, parks and historical sites, allowing you to not only rekindle your relationship with the nature surrounding you, but also offering a chance to reflect upon the history of London, and recognise the growth that the city has welcomed, through the varying architectural designs of the landmarks visited on the trail. 
Expect to find signage along the trail, guiding you through the route and the distance between each landmark location. A wonderful experience for both you and your four-legged friend, with plenty to see, and many a park for your pup to stretch their legs in - such as the gorgeous Plumstead Common and Oxleas Woods! 

East Sussex

The Seven Sisters are a series of white chalk cliffs situated alongside the English Channel, and are a part of a beautiful stretch of coastline, forming part of the south downs in East Sussex, located between the small towns of Seaford and Eastbourne. Expect a mix of flat grassy ground, tall hills and areas of gorgeous woodland. 
Not only can you enjoy the impressive views looking outward at the coast from the cliffs themselves, but you are also able to get a wonderful view of the cliffs from various distanced viewing locations. A wonderful chance to soak up the sound of the crashing waves and birds enjoying the area.
You have the freedom to make the walk both longer or shorter depending on you and your pups preference, and can even download digital walking trail maps created by other avid walkers, giving you a route to stick to if you desire to see some of the best views that the walk can offer.
There is no doubt that your puppy pal will enjoy soaking up the sights just as much as you! As a side note, on the walk you will be able to spot small local landmarks, such as the seven sisters sheep centre along the way! For some sections of this walk it can be best to keep your four-legged friend on a lead, as rabbits are known to hop about and enjoy the environment alongside you.


Llyn Padarn is an incredible glacially formed lake, located amidst some of Snowdonia’s most breathtaking, natural scenery. Close-by, eager visitors will discover Padarn Country Park, offering a variety of experiences - from simply enjoying the environment and the wildlife thriving within the area to watersports, rock climbing, canoeing and sailing and fantastic mountain views as a reward.
The park also includes the Old Quarry Hospital Museum, Welsh Slate Museum and a variety of lakeside picnic areas, allowing you to sit down and take the environment in. The area covers over 800 acres, and is home to Coed Dinorwig, a rare and ancient sessile Oak woodland, a designated site of special scientific interest. With plenty of room to run around and soak up the fresh air, your four-legged friend will enjoy the visit - just as much as you!
There are plenty of exciting trails and hikes to experience throughout Wales, with endless green space and sandy beaches for both you and your pup to enjoy! Not only this, but expect many dog friendly castles and historical homes welcoming you to visit and explore, with some such as Tredegar House in Newport allowing for walks around the parkland and formal gardens, even offering a tea room experience catering for both you and your pup! 


For those of you that are craving that tropical island holiday, but find that laws make it too difficult to bring along your most treasured four-pawed companion, the Outer Hebrides in Scotland is the perfect place for you to enjoy together! The quiet, relaxing and unspoilt beaches located in and around the area will bring you the tropical holiday experience that you most desire, but allow you to stay close to home.
Expect to see plenty of birds enjoying the environment and a wonderful mix of sand and grassy footpaths around the area. With 119 islands to visit in total, and many discoveries to be made, you and your pooch will have the perfect getaway! Whilst you’re in the area you should take the opportunity to not only soak up the scenery, but also the traditional Gaelic culture, food,drink and  entertainment, making the experience unforgettable.
Of course there are many alternative areas to enjoy with your four-legged friend in Scotland, from the gorgeous beaches, lochs and highland areas, to some of the more local parks, castles, iconic landmarks, pubs and restaurants that will welcome your pup in right alongside you, to explore and enjoy your visit! 
If you’re looking to travel with your pup, but don’t have a vehicle to carry you on your travels - don’t despair! Hiring a motorhome with us has never been easier! Get ready to enjoy a stress free and enjoyable travel experience, starting your adventure by visiting our For Hire section and looking for dog friendly listings. Enjoy!


Alix Burchell
Caravans For Sale Marketing Team
Published on 12-05-2021
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