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The Caravanning Mummy's 2020 Site Reviews

My next blog article was going to be about our winter trips however the second countrywide lockdown has stopped all touring, so in the end after our October half term trip to Longleat we made the decision to winter the caravan and start again in the New Year.
Although it’s disappointing to be missing our last few weekends of the year and after the initial lockdown at the beginning of the year cancelling 3 of our planned trips. We’ve were incredibly lucky and were able to shuffle our leave and did an immense summer of almost constant touring.
So here are some site reviews from our summer into autumn of touring:
Straight out of lockdown we headed to the New Forest, for those of you that follow me on Instagram you will have seen that this involved a big moment for our family as the boys met their great grandad for the first time and I saw him again after 8 years! 
We stayed at the CAMH Centenary club site, this was our first grass pitch experience, as we normally go for hardstanding. This site has become a favourite of mine, first due to the plethora of food trucks that visit the site every evening of the week…which means less cooking for me!
The pitches are really generous in size and the facilities are the usual excellent standard you expect from the club sites.
Due to COVID the play park wasn’t yet open but from viewing it got the thumbs up from the kids! Maybe next time!
This year we added bikes to our touring kit, just some old ones out the back of my parents shed to start with and the cycling from this site was fantastic. 5 min ride up the road from the exit of the site and you are into the new forest and onto the tracks. We really enjoyed it!
The New forest has lots to offer and we only scratched the surface, we are already booked to go back next year!
We ended our touring season this year with Longleat, this is 100% our absolute favourite CAMH site, and this was a 2nd trip. There’s something incredibly magical about sitting outside your caravan, snuggled in blankets hearing the lions roar and the wolves howl. Oh and Bella the sea lion at 4am, less magical more confusing in the haze of sleep!
There is a walkable entrance to Longleat from the site entrance this takes about 60 seconds. Video of this is available on my Instagram highlights. We love this with the kids as it means you are a stone’s throw from “home” if you’ve forgotten something or like on this trip it poured it down regularly and you just needed to dry off!
It also means if you want to you can be car free for a while (unusual with a caravan holiday in our experience) and so easily entertain the kids 
Yes we are booked again to go back, we upgraded to annual passes this year, so will be making good use of it next season.
I can’t write about our favourite CAMH club sites without mentioning Battle Normanhurst, this was the first site we went to and will always have a special place in our hearts. The grounds are just spectacular here, the left over parts of the house and gardens really add a special something. The steps to the lower toilet blocks are just gorgeous! We’ve not been at the right time to see them in person but the hydrangeas here are stunning from the pictures I’ve seen. 
Our next trip will be a little different as we won’t be using a CAMH site, but will be hopefully headed to Concierge Camping just outside of Chichester in January. We went last year and the facilities on this site are just amazing, the toilet/shower facilities are so luxurious, Benji was constantly asking to go have a shower as he liked them so much! They have a lovely essentials shop and café/bar.
There’s a dog wash as they are super dog friendly on site, there’s a toilet cassette wash… we tried this and it was brilliant, they seem to be popping up everywhere now!
Plus they have lots of accommodation options! Including pitches with safari style tents so you don’t have to put up your awning! Since we visited they have added a food truck at the weekends and are adding additional outdoor space currently. Can’t wait to go back. They 100% deserve the 5* and numerous awards they’ve received!

The Caravanning Mummy
Published on 2020-11-18