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Hobby Optima De Luxe T65 GE Motorhome

Take a look at this Hobby Optima De Luxe T65 GE Motorhome, this motorhome has 6 layouts and was on show at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon.
Here we have the Hobby Optima Deluxe T65 GE. This is a coach built Motorhome, it's based on the Fiat Ducato 2.3 liter engine chassis, 140 brake horsepower. We see the front has a dark gray almost black front with white decal, up above at the top of the cab there is a sunroof and we've got the steel wheels with wheel trims. 
We’ll come down the offside first of all and on the offside the vehicle does have a Thule step, we've got the door, we've got the fridge and freezer vents and two side windows. This is a three and a half ton Motorhome, we've got on it a good-sized rear garage, there's two doors one nearside and offside and a huge garage space for bicycles and everything like that that you wish to put in there, the total weight it will take in there as we can see is 469 kilos. On this model we have inside single beds, on the outside we have this Thule roll out canopy and as we come round to the back, beautiful rear end on the Hobby, it’s got the black top, there is a reversing camera up there, the Optima Deluxe decals and the great Hobby cluster lights. 
We'll head down to the nearside, on the near side there's that other garage door, a window here overlooking one of the beds, we've got our vent, a toilet cassette, the water point and the electric points and on this one the fuel caps also on the nearside, obviously this is a left-hand drive model because we are in Germany. There we have it, that is the exterior of the Hobby vehicle, we're going to venture round now and we'll go have a look inside and see what we've got here.
So as we enter we have a good-sized door that has window there for looking out and the bin, we go in and to the off side here to our right we find the lounge area, we've got two good-sized seats, this one's a manual gearbox, probably is available in automatic as an option I would imagine. So we've got two seats up front and up above there is a nice sunroof letting light in, over on the left hand side here, there's two seats and a good-sized table. So there's not much of a seating area, on the right hand side there's a further seat, but if there's just the two of you obviously there is plenty of room and there we have it, lots of lights dotted around in the Hobby, this is in the darker wood finish, but come round then we can see the bedroom at the back and over on this side we find the kitchen. 
In this one, under here, we have three gas burners, in Europe it is standard to use gas and not electric and then we have a swivel tap and we've got the sink, good-sized depth and a nice sink. There are plug sockets up here so you can put a coffee machine or toaster on the side and there’s plenty of drawers underneath. As is standard in Europe you don't always find the gas oven and grill that we get in the UK, but instead they use the space for storage which here we can see there’s plenty above the sink. In terms of the fridge and freezer there's a good sized Demetic tower fridge and freezer, guessing that's gonna be probably not far off 150 litres maybe all together, so lots of room for you you shop and it's got a really nice finish on it, very shiny, I don't know how well that will come up and then up above in this model we've got more storage here. 
So that's the kitchen, if you‘re wondering about where your washroom is, over on the near side we can then find here, this is going to be our washroom, toilet and shower. The door opens out this way, it doesn't connect anywhere on this side so you would just go in and close the door, once inside we find the shower, there is an additional shower curtain here, this screen here, if you can see that this will slide across to prevent any water coming out into the cab. The showers got some nice little shells there for putting your shower gels and shampoos, the wheel arch just comes in slightly but this plenty of room in there absolutely massive, two plug holes for drainage so it doesn't matter if you're not completely level, there's also space for towels and above there is an air vent for letting steam out. Absolutely love this cabinet, mirrored cabinet on the wall here, good-sized sink easily accessible so you're not going to have any intrusion from the cabinets and toothbrush holders, little tumblers, then we’re going to come down and we have the toilet here. So really nice little bathroom we'll close that up and we'll look then into the bedroom. 
So as we can see here we have twin beds, I presume there are probably going to be cushions to turn this into a large double because there is a flap there that will raise up, so you'll be able to either have it in the single format or a larger double depending on what suits you best, there’s steps up, obviously these beds are very high, but we do have a nice little storage compartments underneath and we've also got plenty of storage around the tops as well. If you want to put some plants on the shelf you obviously can, it's well illuminated in here as well and then as we come around you can see we have a curtain here for privacy which we can slide along the rail to divide the living space and it will come across here to this rail. We've got a TV fixed here for if you like to watch television in bed, so there we have it, that is the Hobby, it's a small and compact motorhome, seven meters in length but more than adequate, we've got air blown central heating in this one and the control panels for all that are just above the entrance door, which as we can see the Hobby systems here, it shows our water tanks, our heating, our electric and you can also control your music from the panel. So it's all very well equipped build quality on the Hobby, it's normally very good, it does feel like a well built motorhome.
So let's just pop out and have a look at those all-important facts and figures that we all like, so we'll venture out and have a look at them. Here we have the Optima deluxe T65 GE we've got seven meters in length, two point three meters in width and it's three and a half tonnes. This model that we've looked at is sixty-six thousand euros, just over, but with extras takes it to sixty nine thousand euros, so sixty nine thousand euros on this Hobby.
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Published on 2019-09-11