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Keep your caravan pristine with Diamondbrite's new leisure range

Keep your caravan, motorhome or campervan looking pristine with Diamondbrite’s brand new leisure range
With the potential for the caravan and motorhome season to be extended this year, whether you’re still on the road or you’re getting ready to rest your caravan up for the winter we know it’s important to keep it looking it’s best. 
If your vehicle has seen more action than usual this year, or is always in frequent use it can be challenging to keep it looking great. That’s why Diamondbrite’s new leisure range was developed – to help caravan and motorhome owners keep their much-loved vehicles looking in pristine condition. And you can currently save 20% by ordering today. 
Diamondbrite know how passionate vehicle owners can be, and know how good it feels to stand back and admire a deep glossy finish. So they invest countless hours developing products in their ‘state of the art’ laboratories where they test hundreds of raw materials and blend them together to make truly effective, easy to use products that do exactly what they are supposed to time and time again. 
With their brand new Leisure Pack, they’ve combined some of their latest products to keep your caravan, motorhome or campervan in tip-top condition.
Regular washing is vital for preserving the finish of your caravan or motorhome’s paintwork, so Diamondbrite’s Leisure Max Foam Shampoo is a high foaming concentrated shampoo that removes all types of dirt from your caravan’s exterior.
Their award-winning Leisure Conserver offers a shielding glaze and protective, gloss-enhancing properties to your vehicle’s paintwork.
Leisure Lift Off has been scientifically formulated to lift the most stubborn bird lime, traffic film, insect debris, oil, grease and brake dust off your caravan or motorhome after all those miles on the road.
Diamondbrite’s Leisure Window Cleaner is specially formulated to give a streak & smear free finish and has been designed to remove the most stubborn dirt, leaving all your vehicle’s windows clean & clear.
Their Leisure Xpress Waterless Wash & Wax is a revolution in cleaning. Using a specialist formula of high quality raw materials, it cleans and polishes your caravan or motorhome without the need for washing beforehand. The active ingredients create a microscopic layer between the dirt particles and the painted surface, which means no scratching when the dirt is removed.
Leisure One Shot Screenwash is an effective screenwash designed to keep your windows crystal clear.
Diamondbrite Leisure Touch Clean LCD cleaner has been developed using a phosphate and ammonia free formulation to gently yet instantly restore screens and devices to like new appearance. This’ll help keep all your on-the-move devices sparkly clean.
Their Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner is specially designed to give you newer looking carpets and upholstery. A high foaming cleaner that can be used on fabrics, carpet, vinyl, plastic, chrome, metal and glass, it’s perfect for use on your caravan or motorhome carpets, upholstery and soft furnishings.
Diamondbrite Surface Sanitiser is fantastic for easily sanitising a wide range of surfaces throughout your vehicle including work surfaces, taps, door handles, cooker tops, and showers. Also great for giving the barbeque grills and accessories a clean before you pack them away.
The Diamondbrite Leisure Pack includes all of these fantastic products as well as microfibre and terry cloths to apply them to give the best finish. It’s all available in an all-in-one money saving presentation storage bag available on their website now – www.diamondbrite.co.uk 

Published on 12-10-2020
Diamondbrite manufacture and distribute a wide range of specialised chemicals to the motor industry. Having been on the market since 1992, Daimondbrite has been used and approved by hundreds of manufacturers and dealers throughout the country and around the world.