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NEW Laika Kosmo Van Series

Two Compact LOW-PROFILE Kosmo Models

Laika Kosmo V9
Laika Kosmo V9

Laika presents the new Kosmo Van, series which, following on from our low-profile, motorhome, coachbuilt and camper van models, rounds out their offering in the Kosmo range.
The new series is designed to satisfy the demand for a compact vehicle which is agile and not too long, without compromising the comfort of a low-profile model. 
Available in two layouts, V9 and V5, the new Kosmo Van models are built on a Fiat Euro 6d Temp chassis with 120 CV engine, offering 200 cm of internal width and a total height of 271 cm. 
The Kosmo V9 is the first of the two new Laika compact low-profile models. With an overall length of 6.65 m, its layout features twin beds at the rear.
The second layout, the Kosmo V5, is shorter than 6 m with a transverse king-sized bed at the rear: the vehicle stands out for its manoeuvrability and versatility, all without sacrificing use comfort. 
All Kosmo Van models have a body insulated with extruded expanded polystyrene (XPS), finished with a hail-proof fibreglass roof and non-yellowing aluminium wall panels. 
The windows are high quality, with flush-mounted aluminium frame, blackout protection and fly screen. The vehicles offer a premium driving experience, with specially designed ESP, ABS, ASR, Hill Holder and Roll Over Mitigation, as well as passenger airbags (all standard equipment). The ergonomic “Captain Chair” cab seats are extremely comfortable, equipped with two armrests and removable fabric covers coordinated with the living space.
Laika Kosmo V9-Door

Laika Kosmo V9-Door

Entry into the living space is facilitated by an electric stepladder, while 3 USB ports (standard equipment) allow you to recharge your devices at any time.
The new Kosmo Van models are also ideal for winter holidays: a heated floor is available as an option, as is a heated and insulated grey water recovery tank.
As for the rest of the Kosmo range, the interiors are an expression of Italian design and Laika’s famous attention to detail: Tuscan pearwood and glossy white furniture doors give the interior a modern and yet harmonious look.
Laika Kosmo inside

Laika Kosmo inside

The wall units are fitted with exclusive Laika metal handles. The table and kitchen worktop are finished in an elegant rusted bronze stone effect. The kitchen, fitted with an 89 l refrigerator, is designed for practicality, with a 3 hob cooktop and supplementary worktop.
The interiors are ergonomic and functional, and a wide selection of fabrics and eco-leather combinations assure unbeatable comfort both during the day and at night.
The 70×50 window in the living area offers excellent illumination during the day, while the electrical system with indirect lighting (including under the kitchen worktop) creates a relaxing and comfortable mood in the evening. 
The new Kosmo Van models, like all Laika 2020 vehicles, are guaranteed waterproof for 10 years.
KOSMO VAN V9 – Layout and Specifications
Komos V9

Kosmo V9
  • External length 665 cm
  • External width 214 cm
  • Internal height 195 cm
  • Twin beds 200×70 cm (right bed) and 195×80 cm (left bed)
  • 3 USB ports
  • High quality bodywork frame
  • Passenger airbag
KOSMO VAN V5 – Layout and Specifications

Komos V5

Kosmo V5
  • External length 595 cm
  • External width 214 cm
  • Internal height 195 cm
  • Transverse king-size bed 194×140/130 cm
  • 3 USB ports
  • High quality bodywork frame
  • Passenger airbag
For more information on the Laika V range click HERE



Komos Low Profile 509L

Komos Low Profile 509L

The new Kosmo 509L, built on a Fiat Ducato 35 Light chassis and with a length of 7.41 m, expands the offering of Kosmo low-profile Fiat chassis models, complementing the 509, 512, 209 and 212 models.
The model is specially designed for two-person trips with uncompromised comfort guaranteed.
The layout features twin beds at the rear and, in the day area, face to face sofas. Thanks to this layout, the living area is extremely spacious, well-ventilated and elegant.
Furthermore, the opposing sofas can be transformed into driving seats when needed, one on the left and one on the right. 
The designer kitchen is equipped with a three hob cooktop and a large sink so that you can cook just as if you were at home, and also features capacious drawers for pots and cookware. 
The night area has been designed for comfort, with wooden slat beds and high quality mattresses. The two twin beds are sized to hold even the tallest occupant without sacrificing comfort, measuring 205×80 cm (right bed) and 210×80 cm (left bed). 
The sleeping area is equipped with numerous wall units and wardrobes under the beds themselves, with automatic lighting which turns on when they are opened, for ample storage capacity.
KOSMO 509L – Layout and Specifications
Komos 509

Kosmo 509
  • Chassis Fiat Ducato 35 Light
  • “Face to face” living area
  • External length 741 cm
  • Internal height 213 cm
  • XXL living space door, 70 cm width
  • Twin beds 205×80 cm (right bed) and 210×80 cm (left bed)
For more information on the Laika Kosmo 509L click HERE


Laika Komos Over-cab

Laika Kosmo Over-cab

The new Kosmo F261, an Over-cab which is easy to manoeuvre and compact in size characterized by the trademark double window in the over-cab, is joining the Kosmo F510 which was launched last January. With a very low price, the Kosmo F261 is a good opportunity for families who want to enter the Laika World.
On a Fiat Ducato chassis and just 6.59 meters long, the new Kosmo F261 has six berths.
Despite its small size, that makes it convenient and easy to manoeuvre, a high degree of comfort is guaranteed for the whole family. The large bed in the over-cab (211×159 cm), which can comfortably accommodate two adults or three children.
It is equipped with reading lights with swivel arm and two USB ports. When not in use, the over-cab surface can be raised to facilitate the passage from the cab to the living pod and vice versa.
The rear bunk beds are also generously dimensioned: 210×86 cm and 205×82 cm. In addition, each bed has a window and its own reading light.
The living area with traditional dinette and facing seats offers four comfortable dining places as standard.
An exclusive customisation (optional) is available to extend the table up to 140 cm and add two extra seats by using collapsible wooden panels provided with seating cushion.
In this way, up to six people can enjoy lunch together. Furthermore, a special kit (optional) can be used to transform the dinette into a 170×100 cm bed, bringing the total number of beds to five.
The large kitchen with three-burner cooktop is provided with an extra collapsible worktop for cooking at ease. It also fits a 113-litre fridge as standard equipment and a 167-litre fridge can be chosen as optional.
As for the rest of the Kosmo range, the designer interiors have a modern look with “Tuscan Pear” wood with chocolate-colour metallised profiles.
The table and kitchen surfaces are made of stylish bronze-colour laminated material, that with its “stone effect” adds character and elegance to the living area.
The doors of the wall cabinets with their wavy design are provided with real metal handles, an exclusive Laika design.
Lighting is high quality, with indirect light on the cabinets which creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
The large cabinets and capacious wardrobe mean you can take everything you want with you on the road.
Moreover, the large garage can carry bicycles or a moped (when the bed base of the lower bunk is raised). Its measurements are 218 x 130 max | 51 min x 91 cm.
The entry door into the living pod is no less than 70 cm wide and includes double lock, window, chrome handle and soft touch finish, basket and screen.
Furthermore, the inside step facilitates getting in and out from the living pod. 
The body structure is well insulated using extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) as insulating material and fibreglass roof and subfloor. The high-quality windows are both elegant and functional.
KOSMO F261 OVER-CAB – Layout and Specifications

Komos F261

  • Exterior length 6.59 m
  • 6 standard berths
  • 4 standard beds (fifth optional)
  • Double over-cab window
  • Bed in over-cab 211×159 cm
  • Rear bunk beds 210×86 cm and 205×82 cm
  • Dinette table extendible up to 140 cm (optional)
  • Bathroom window as standard
  • Large garage dimensions 218 x 130 max | 51 min x 91 cm
  • Insulated body-shell structure
For more information on the Laika Kosmo F261 click HERE


Kosmo Campervan
Kosmo Campervan

Based on Fiat Ducato mechanics, the Kosmo 6.4 has a total length of 636 centimetres to guarantee comfort and liveability in all environments of the vehicle. 
The rear bed, arranged along the vehicle instead of crosswise, is extremely comfortable, courtesy of its size of 195 max/188 min x 185 cm. 
An optional third bed can be obtained in the dinette in addition to the two standard ones.
Interiors are in the best Kosmo style, with the use of premium materials, such as oxidised pattern laminate and stone effect finishes.
The height-adjustable headrests in the dinette are perfect for relaxing in the day area for meals and for leisure alike.
The 90 litre refrigerator can be used to stock up food for several days so you can enjoy holidays in maximum freedom. 
In the cab, comfort is maximised by the swivelling Captain Chairs with two armrests and the same upholstery fabric as the dinette.
Safety features are standard. The vehicle is equipped with two airbags (driver and passenger), ABS, ESP and Hill Holder.
The exterior bodywork is white (silver is optional) embellished with Laika graphics and flush window frames. 
The Kosmo Campervan 6.4 is also perfect for low temperatures, with diesel space heater. 
KOSMO CAMPERVAN 6.4 – Layout and Specifications
Komos Campervan 6.4
  • Kosmo Campervan 6.4
  • Exterior length 6.36 m
  • Fiat Ducato chassis
  • Lengthwise rear bed 195 max/188 min x 185 cm
  • Third bed in dinette (optional)
  • Height-adjustable headrests in dinette
  • 90 litre refrigerator
  • Diesel space heating  
For more information on the Laika Kosmo Campervan 6.4 click HERE

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