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Full-Time Family Caravanning | The Barefoot And Breastless Story

If you had a second chance at life, what would you do? Would you stick to what you know or go out seeking adventure? What would you rid of your life and what would you want more of? 
My name is Carol and being diagnosed with breast cancer at 36 with 2 young kids made me ask these exact questions. My husband and I always assumed retirement would be the time where we would be able to relax and travel after the kids had left the nest, but retirement isn’t a guarantee. In these strange times we live in it doesn’t take a cancer diagnosis to realize that life can change in an instant and there is so much we cannot control. For anyone out there who is wanting more from life after lockdown what is stopping you?
Cancer gave us a “Why the hell not” attitude that led to us selling up and heading for a life on the road in our Jayco Journey Outback Caravan. Because “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” (Helen Keller) and what’s the point of waiting for the “right time” when I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist. 
Over here in Australia, we’ve had far more freedom than in the UK and Europe. Lockdowns have been intermittent, and travel has been possible. The caravan industry has seen a huge surge in demand, a trend spreading worldwide with #vanlife growing in popularity. Families are switching to online income streams, like ourselves, and adapting to homeschooling to spend precious time with their children before they grow up and leave the nest.
I’m not going to lie, it’s not always easy, but what in life is? There are tantrums, car troubles, irritations, and all the usual chores but with much less space, however, the highs of life on the road far outweigh those. Imagine what your children could learn outside of the classroom, visiting National parks, historic sites, swimming, and snorkelling and having to make new friends at each destination. We have watched our boy’s confidence grow socially and adventurously. Jumping off rocks into waterfalls and exploring strange landscapes has become the norm. Every week there is a new adventure just around the corner.
There is nothing better than waking up by the ocean or in the middle of a field! We have taken our caravan over sand dunes, down dirt tracks and across shallow rivers! We have everything we need to live comfortably in our tiny house on wheels and you could too.
So, if you want a bit of daily travel inspo check out my feeds on Facebook and Instagram - @barefoot_and_breastless. And don’t forget to check your boobs!

Carol and Adam Smith - Barefoot and Breastless
Caravans For Sale Contributor
Published on 18-06-2021
Carol, Adam and their 2 young boys switched their everyday routine for life on the road following Carol’s diagnosis with breast cancer in 2018. This young Australian Family felt they needed to live life once treatment came to an end and focus on what was really important, family time, and making memories while their kids are still young. Originally from the UK, Carol felt that all her family and friends who came to visit Australia had seen more of the country than she had and given her health scare she didn’t want to wait until retirement to travel. They started their lap of Australia in January 2020 and haven’t looked back since.