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How to Get Cheap Caravan Insurance

Insurance is an unfortunate, but necessary part of caravan ownership...
It might not be a legal requirement, but we’d strongly recommend insuring your caravan anyway to fully enjoy it without any additional worries of unexpected things happening. We insure our homes and we always insure ourselves before travelling so why wouldn’t you insure your caravan? 
With all that in mind you’ll probably be looking for the best value for money policy to protect your caravan, fortunately we know exactly how to find it.
Now the obvious choice would be to browse multiple price comparison sites to check the best value caravan insurance policies, but I’ll let you into a little secret – they all use the same criteria.
The only way to lower the cost of your caravan’s insurance would be to become low-risk.
Now, I bet you’re wondering how to become low-risk, but don’t worry. We asked caravan insurance experts Comfort Insurance on how you can do this – and they gave us a few industry insider tips…
At this point we should point out that we are specifically speaking about touring caravans rather than static caravans, although some of the safety and security tips provided can be used for both.
1. Store Your Caravan at a CaSSOA Site
CaSSOA is the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association. They’ve been around since 1991 and proudly work with a range of approved secure caravan storage sites in the UK. Why is this important?
CaSSOA independently assess each site to ensure it lives up to the CaSSOA storage standards. With high security sites all across the UK it is no longer necessary to leave your caravan parked outside your home or on the side of the road for months whilst your caravan is not in use. The alternative to parking up outside your home is to store it at a CaSSOA-approved site and, believe it or not, this will help with your insurance costs.
CaSSOA is a recognised body that provides strict security accreditations. It’s these security accreditations that many insurance companies recognise, and offer policy discounts to caravan owners that have one.
It’s relatively good value to obtain one, but certainly worth the effort to get your policy price down. For more information on CaSSOA and the efforts they make towards reducing caravan theft check out their website and secure caravan sites near you.

2. Increase Your Caravan’s Security

Most caravan claims seen at Comfort Insurance are for theft, however if your caravan is safe and secure, then it’s considered a lower risk. It’s quite obvious, but surprisingly a lot goes into correctly securing your caravan.
Basic tips on securing your caravan include installing security devices and, as mentioned, finding somewhere safe to store your caravan.
Securing your caravan with security devices doesn’t just mean a good lock system, you should buy and use a wheel clamp – this will make it very difficult for someone to drive off with your caravan. There are many providers available but Towsure are one and are market leaders in selling top of the range caravan security devices. You can browse their products that range from winter wheels, security handles and security posts here.
Although there are many options out there and lots of different advice on how to best secure your caravan, the best thing to do would be to install an alarm.That way if anyone does try to break in, you’ll instantly know and they’ll hopefully be scared off and give up.
Prices vary for alarm systems and many range from around £50 right up to £500.
The Milenco Sleep-Sage Alarm can also be used when you are in your caravan as the 18 decibel alarm is sure to deter thieves. This alarm can be used on windows and doors if you consider fitting more than one.
Another alarm option would be the Solartrack Caravan Alarm System with remote control. It is a little pricier but it meets the Sold Secure criteria for alarms. To find out what other alarms make that list, click here.
Another good idea to help secure your caravan would be to install a tracking device. Most tracking devices also come with a tracking sticker to display on your vehicle as an added deterrent. Tracking devices are the simplest and most effective option to monitor and track your caravan on the off chance it does get stolen.
They are GPS operated, and the tracker is small enough to be concealed without detection in your caravan. So if it gets stolen, you’ll be able to tell exactly where it is, which can help the police find it. It is possible to track your caravan from electronic devices including laptops and tablets.
3. Join a Caravan Club
Another good way to get the cost of insurance down is to join a caravan club.There are a number of different options around the UK - take your time to have a browse of the various options and find the club that’s most suitable for you.
Each club has different benefits, but becoming a member is a great way to make your caravan low- risk. This is typically related to insurance as many members choose to join a club for the discounted insurance you can get as a member.
Once you’re a member of a club in the UK you’ll also be entitled to a couple of other perks such as:
  • Discounts on site pitch fees
  • Savings on attractions
  • Free subscription to a caravan magazine
Not a bad deal all in all, and if it helps lower the cost of your insurance, joining a caravan club
definitely seems worth it to us.
4. Get Cheaper Insurance If You've Had No Claims
This is really more of an FYI than a tip! If you’ve had caravan insurance before, and have never claimed, then your insurance will be cheaper.
It’s important to bear this in mind when deciding on whose name should go on the documents if you are a travelling duo.
Your partner might have a few years of no claims, whereas you’ve technically not had any, if your name isn’t on the paperwork, make sure you look into this ahead of purchasing your caravan insurance for a cheaper policy.
5. Other top tips for becoming a low-risk caravan
There’s a couple of other things worth mentioning to help you become a low-risk caravan – remember the aim of this is to bring your insurance cost down.
You may find a couple of these are self-explanatory but it’s certainly worth baring these in mind as a caravan owner.
  • Keep your valuables in a safe – caravan safes are widely available and very popular. An investment in one means not only are your valuables safe, but there is nothing on show to potentially attract thieves.
  • Keep your documentation in a safe place – NOT in your caravan
  • Use multiple security devices – As mentioned there’s a whole load of security devices available to protect your caravan. Why stop at one? Use a range of security devices to keep your caravan safe.
  • Keep other policy factors in mind these include weather damage, content cover, injury cover and breakdown cover.

Make sure you check out our article on insuring your caravan ready for spring!

Comfort Insurance
Caravan Insurance Experts
Published on 2017-08-14