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If you keep your caravan clean at all times then you will never have to undertake a giant thorough clean up. However, a lot of people like to give their touring caravan a good clean before they go on their first trip of the season.
It is also a very good idea to give it a thorough clean before it goes into storage for the winter. This should make cleaning the caravan in the spring that little bit easier. It’s best to divide caravan cleaning into two categories, the exterior and the interior. This guide will give you some tips on how to clean a caravan both inside and out:

Cleaning Caravan Interiors

This is not really any different to cleaning the inside of a house. Following the rule of ‘little and often’ will make a big difference and means you won’t have to commit several days to carrying out one large caravan clean.
Keep the carpets vacuumed so that dust and dirt doesn’t build up, if they are removable, you could take them out and beat them on a washing line to make sure they are really clean.
Keep the surfaces cleaned and dusted. The quicker you remove any build up dirt and marks, the better your caravan will look. Places such as the cooker can get quite messy and will need more work. Usual kitchen cleaners will be fine to clean this off. When it comes to the wooden surfaces, be careful what cleaning products you use, some may have bleach or other chemicals that can damage or mark the wood veneers. Specialist caravan cleaning products such as Towsure Spray and Clean are designed to work on the hard surfaces inside caravans without damaging them.
Bathrooms can be cleaned in the normal way. Another specialist caravan cleaning product is the toilet spray produced by Thetford. It is specially designed to work on plastic toilets without damaging them and produces good results.

Cleaning Caravan Exteriors

Keeping the outside of you caravan clean is just as important. If and when you come to sell the caravan it will be the first thing any prospective buyer will see so a good impression is important. There are some places that specialise in cleaning caravans but if you keep on top of it, it shouldn’t be a hard job to do yourself.
The exterior of the caravan takes most of the brunt of the dirt from usage and storage so they require much more regular cleaning to make them look tip top. Wash the outside of a caravan in much the same way as you wash a car.
There are specific caravan cleaning products such as polish that will bring up a shine on the fibreglass, as well as acrylic window polish that work much better to clean caravan windows than a glass cleaner does.
Do not neglect the roof when cleaning caravans, it is important and will probably get the most dirty out of the whole outside because of bird droppings and leaves etc. Using special hose attachments, such as an extending pole will make cleaning a caravan’s roof much easier and safer.
Do not put your body weight on to a caravan roof, it is not strong enough and you could cause permanent damage by bending it. Cleaning a caravan roof before you put it into storage for the winter will make keeping the caravan clean in the summer much easier.
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Spencer Thomas
Marketing Executive
Published on 2019-02-13