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Small caravans guide

One of the beautiful things about caravans, is the fact that they come in all sorts of shapes, styles and sizes. Small caravans are excellent for couples who want to get away on holiday or for those who have quite a small car and aren’t able to tow a big caravan. But these aren’t the only benefits to owning a small caravan. Smaller models are also much easier to store when you aren’t using them and they are, more often than not, much cheaper to buy.
Here at Caravans for Sale, we love all caravans, but today, in this guide, we are going to focus on the smaller models that are available to you. If you’re after a smaller caravan, then read this guide and you might get an idea of what is available. 
Tear-drop trailers
Arguably the smallest caravans on the market are the fantastic tear-drop trailers. These uber-stylish, retro caravans have become extremely popular over the last few years for their aesthetics and practicality. 
These tiny caravans can be towed by almost any vehicle, meaning most of you will not have to consider buying a more powerful car. In fact, these caravans are proving very popular with owners of classic cars, which can tow tear-drop trailers with ease. And, if you take a stylish classic car, and place one of these magnificent caravans on the back, you are left with one hell of a combination. 
Inside, these small caravans are comfy, however, the living space is compact. You do have to put up with a number of compromises - often things like the cooker and sink are located on the outside under a lift up roof, however, it is most definitely worth it. If you are after something that is small, easy to tow and nice to look at, then you can forgo a couple of the luxuries that come with owning a larger caravan. 
Two berths
Now, if you want to opt for a more standard caravan, then a small two berth model might be more up your street. whilst they are not as compact as the tiny tear-drop trailers, they are still relatively small. However, with that bit of extra room often comes a bit more practicality and comfort. For example, two berth caravans will often come with an oven or a hob as well as an indoor fridge and running hot and cold water. 
Two berths have, in comparison to tear-drop trailers, much more storage space. Whilst these models are more comfortable and practical than their tear-drop counterparts, they are also heavier - meaning harder to tow - and more expensive. If these aren’t issues, and you want something small, but practical, then a nice two berth standard touring caravan is most probably best for you. 
Folding caravans
Folding caravans are another type of small caravan that has become more popular over the years. When folded down, they are not much larger than a regular trailer that would be towed behind a car. However, when they reach the campsite, they fold out into a regular size two berth caravan. 
One of the main benefits to these caravans is that they are simple to manoeuvre when you get to the site, and they are also much more easy to store when not in use due to their small size. Another benefit to these models is the fact that they are not so affected by crosswinds or turbulence when being towed. 
These are perfect for people who have a ‘no-frills’ attitude to caravanning and are willing to miss out on some of the luxuries that come with a more standard touring caravan. Folding caravans are practical and very affordable, but with that comes the fact that they are often not as comfortable as a more standard model.