2009 Autocruise Pulse motorhome review

2009 Autocruise Pulse motorhome review

The perfect milti-puropse motorhome, the Autocruise Pulse is great for anyone that wants their motorhome to act as an everyday vehicle to get around town in. It looks great with minimalist graphics and a good paint job and is an easy vehicle to get hold of.

The interior is similar to that of a car, which is to be expected. It has grey carpeted walls, grey worktops, and a silver fridge with a grey facia. However even with all of this grey; the Autocruise Pulse never looks dull.

There is a two piece cream carpet that matches the front of the furniture units and gives the entire interior some character. When you have pulled up to your destination, both of the seats in the cab swivel around to face the bench which is at the rear.

As you should expect it is pretty small inside which does mean your kitchen has to be rubbish, right? Wrong! The cooking facilities are great, and although you don’t have an oven, you do have access to a two burner hob, grill and hot and cold taps into a stainless steel sink. The fridge is also pretty generous with its space, offering you 72ltrs of capacity.

The roof is easy to raise, it is a rear-hinged Reimo roof, and all you have to do is undo the two front straps and push it upwards. It allows for good ventilation with mesh vents on either side with panels that can be opened and closed.

The diesel heater will keep you warm in the cooler months and the optional roof bed can even make camping with four people possible, if two of you are small enough to fit in that is.

There is also plenty of storage within and there is even a bit of worktop space. I couldn’t believe how efficiently designed the 2009 Autocruise Pulse was with regards to space. A good motorhome that is sure to be popular.

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