Adria Action Touring Caravan

Adria Action

The Adria Action basics

The Adria Action is the trend setter of all caravans. It’s retro curves and bright colours set this apart from the rest. It’s not just the outside which makes the Adria Action such a stylish, trendy caravan but the curves and thoughtful styling are continued inside.

Adria Action First Impressions

The exterior of the Adria Action is available in either blue or silver and has smooth curved sides. The windows continue the curved theme and the doors neatly fit in. The interior is compact but perfectly formed with pale wood throughout.

Practicalities of the Adria Action

The Adria Action comes with a 40 Litre water tank which is perfect for a touring caravan. There is a TV socket with coax wire as well as TV antenna support and a 12N outside plug.

The Living conditions in the Action

The Adria Action has curved interior doors and cupboards. The wood work is not high quality but looks smart and clean. The interior fabrics are mainly blue and brown stripes with white net curtains. The Adria Action has a small dining and seating area which is ample space for 3 or 4 people.

Cooking and Washing in the Adria Action

The Adria Action bathroom has a shower with an opening window, a blind, a toilet and still has room for storage and plenty of space to move around. The Action kitchen features a fridge, two burner hob and a surprisingly large amount of storage.

Adria Action Facts

Overall Length: 17’
Overall Width: 7’ 3"
Berths: 2
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